How to Fix Oppo R17 Restart Itself

Oppo R17 - There must be several questions when you are having a problem on your phone, one of them is why my Oppo R17 restart itself while you do not even touch the power bottom, this problem is commonly happening right now, and people sometimes spend their money just only to fix it. Now you can fix this problem by yourself, so you do not need to spend your money on something that is not necessarily enough, here are several tips that you can do to solve this problem.

Over usage of Apps and Widget

You may not realize that you are usually installing some apps on your Oppo R17, without realizing that it makes the storage is full of unimportant Apps, this is one of the habits that you have to delete on your life, if you want to figure out the solution of why my phone restart itself without your order. You have also know that when you are installing an app, and it is not being used for more than 60 days, the app would give an impact to your device, also you can lose a lot of storage on your phone, start from now try not to download an app that is not necessary on your phone.

Bad Quality of Battery

A bad quality of battery also could give an impact to the Oppo R17 performance, if your phone started getting older, sometimes you have to change your phone battery, this would be needed if you want to have a better phone performance, also people commonly confuse on how to know if the battery is not good enough to use, this is the tips that you have to know to ensure the quality of your phone battery. If the battery was not good enough to use again, mostly the size of the battery would be change and bloated, this is the sign for you that you have to change it immediately, then you could have a better phone performance without being restart by itself again.

Overheating Temperature

Another thing to checked is about the temperature of your Oppo R17, with the innovation of technology nowadays the phone can detect their temperature by itself, sometimes they will restart their self if the temperature was high, that is the reason for you of why my phone restart itself without your order and try not to blame on your phone again. You can try to stop playing on your phone when the temperature of your phone is higher than usual, and do not charge your phone while it is still hot, it is only could make it worse the power that is coming to your Oppo R17 would make the temperature higher.