How to Solve The Problem of Flashing on Samsung Galaxy S5 (USA)

Samsung Galaxy S5 (USA) - Is your Samsung Galaxy S5 (USA) display randomly flashing? Don't worry. Many people think wrong about the cause of blinks on their phone. Some thought that the phone will dead. Or someone has trow the phone because it is considered damaged. Although not necessarily all of that is true. Need to check a few things first before stating that your Samsung Galaxy S5 (USA) is really damaged.

  1. Turn Off Adaptive Brightness. Since it was first created. Samsung Galaxy S5 (USA) has settings with automatic screen brightness. It can adjust the screen brightness based on the surrounding lighting. Example when the phone is used during the day, the screen brightness will rise to adjust so that the display can be seen correctly. And at night, a dark will make the screen brightness decrease so as not to hurt the user's eyes. This change of brightness uses an automatic sensor. When your phone blinks, it can be because the sensor has a problem. then try to turn off the sensor first, click SETTINGS >> DISPLAY >> ADAPTIVE BRIGHTNESS, then disable it.

  2. Remove suspicious Apps. Some apps can consume power quickly and wastefully. And this affects the electrical current of other components such as LCD. Clean the phone's memory from a useless apps.

  3. The temperature is too Hot. This can be a cause of flashing screens. Try stop your Samsung Galaxy S5 (USA) from heavy activities like gaming. Turn it off and let it cool first, then turn it back on.

If all three stages above have been done and your phone is still flashing. Then this could be hardware damage due to a fall or a knock. There are loose or damaged components. Then this is necessary for more expert corrective actions.

Hopefully information about Samsung Galaxy S5 (USA) whose screen is flashing can help for a little.